The Cleanest Burning Wood Stove Which Means Efficient Too

super efficient wood stove


Wood Burning Stoves

There are many types of wood burning stoves that can be bought or built. Which one is best for you?

Ernie and Erica Wisner have created over 700 rocket mass heaters, quite probably the most efficient wood burning stoves made. Ernie and Erica moderate the wood burning stoves forum at and help thousands of people build these stoves.

This video is of their latest wood burning stove. They’ve had snow on the ground for months, and have seen a fair bit of sub zero temperatures. And they stay warm all day with just one small fire each day.

In this video you’ll discover how warm it feels indoors 19 hours after the last fire was burned. These rocket mass heaters are proving to be super efficient – a real pleasure because you don’t have to cut that much wood every year.



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