Plasma Energy Being Released To The World

plasma energy being released to the world

The World Just Changed

On October 16 in Rome the ambassadors of the world have been called to a meeting where they will be given a free plasma energy unit and all the plans and specs to make these units.

It’s going to be interesting to see which countries embrace this new technology and get this technology out to their citizens and which one hold it secret.

This is the biggest disruptive technology to ever come along.

It means a big change and possible end for many large energy companies, health and pharmaceutical companies and food producers.

Lots of jobs will be lost. The question is will your government embrace the technology and support the millions of new products that can be manufactured.

This is an open technology. Anyone in the world can use it and create new products for it and with it.

Italy, Indonesia and China are at the forefront of production right now — who will follow and who will be left behind?





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