Renovate Your Way To A Net Zero Home


Just Think – No Gas and No Electric Bills

Have you dreamed of living in your own net-zero energy efficient home? What if I told you that dream could be closer than you think. You might be already living in your dream home. All you need to do are some renovations.

You are probably asking – What renovations?

Here is the list of things that most homes would require.

  1. Most homes will need an insulation upgrade. That upgrade is best met by adding insulation to the outside of the walls. Included in this upgrade would be the addition of a quality air barrier on the outside.

  2. Upgrade your windows to the best energy efficient ones – usually a triple glassed model.

  3. Change the mechanical components in the house to high efficiency electrical components. This would include the hot water tank, furnace. air conditioner and heat exchangers.

  4. Add a 19 KW solar system. This may include some added roof structure to achieve the correct square footage.

Some of the components can be replaced as the old ones wear out – such as the hot water tank. And you may have been considering window upgrades anyway.

Check out this video to see how one contractor does it.

That’s the tried and true way of doing it.

Continue on to see a new high tech way to get a zero energy home.

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