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A 40 KW Plasma Energy Generator Is Being Manufactured Now

With 40 KW of power you could power 2 or 3 homes.

The plasma energy we are talking about here are the magnetical and gravitational fields that flow through our universe.

This generator is an antenna for those fields and it concentrates them into a usable powerful energy source. They have been manufacturing them in Africa since the winter of 2017, and they have the CE safety approvals for Europe. Production in Italy should start in late fall of 2017 with 4 other factories in other European countries starting production a few months later. In the US they are waiting on their Underwriter’s Lab approval. I’ve seen pictures of a 3.5 KW unit being sold in China, but that is a little small for most houses.

Price point on these generators is in the $4,000 to $5,000 range. No fuel to buy and no moving parts requiring maintenance.

With this much energy available you won’t have to do the energy upgrades to your home.  All you need is to convert your mechanical equipment to electric models and they don’t have to be the expensive high efficiency kind either.

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