Where To Install A Wind Turbine

Where to mount a wind turbine


There Are Good Places And Bad Places To Install A Wind Turbine – Discover The Difference

Here is a great little video from Missouri Wind And Power explaining all about wind turbine placement.

The big thing to consider is what we call ground effect in flying.

It May seem windy on the ground, but the wind is guaranteed to be a lot stronger 50 to 100 feet higher.

That why in flying when you come in for a landing you add somewhere between a third or a half of the wind speed to you no wind approach speed.

When the bottom drops out as you get close to the ground you want to have enough airspeed left to make a normal landing.

So when you are putting up a wind turbine you need to be up high enough to be out of the ground effect to get the rated power out of your turbine.

Any Lower and you are dealing with turbulence as will be explained in the video.


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