Vortex Wind Turbine

A Bladeless Wind Turbine

. Here Is A Turbine Taking Advantage Of A Property Of Moving Air That You Might Not Have Thought Of It’s a bladeless turbine. A special shaped member stuck up and waving in the ... Continue Reading →
Off Shore Wind Record Growth

Off Shore Wind Setting Record Growth Levels

. 2015 Will See 4.2 Gigawatts Of New Solar Wind Capacity Worldwide Germany will be leading the pack with an additional 2.3 gigawatts installed this year. Seconded by the UK with 1.0 ... Continue Reading →

A Giant Wind Turbine That People Can Live On

This Is No Ordinary Wind Turbine There Are No Blades To Catch The Kinetic Energy From The Wind Instead it is a big collector of charged particles. It looks like a science fiction star ... Continue Reading →
Solar Wind Energy Tower

Solar Wind Downdraft Tower Technology

Solar Wind Energy Tower Inc. Is Moving Closer To Breaking Ground On Its Arizona Project The first solar wind towers were up draft designs. You’d heat the air at ground level and ... Continue Reading →
Rooftop energy

Look At This Rooftop Power Installation

There is so much more that could be done on rooftops around the world Have a look at this rooftop power generation at Myers, Fletcher, & Gordon (MFG) in Kingston, Jamaica. This ... Continue Reading →
The Future Cost Of Wind Energy

What Is The Future Cost Of Clean Wind Energy?

The Good News Is That The Cost Of Wind Energy Has Continued To Fall Over The Last 5 Years Without carbon capture and storage natural gas and coal still have an advantage over wind. Coal ... Continue Reading →
car alternatorn make lousy wind generators

Insights Into Car Alternators

. Many People Think Car Alternators Should Work In Wind Generators If you understand some fundamentals about how cars work you’l know why they don’t work very well if at ... Continue Reading →
wind energy 101

Wind Energy 101

Want To Know The Basics About Wind Energy? Thu US Government video called wind energy 101 gives you the basic insights into wind energy. See how wind turbines generate green energy ... Continue Reading →
New Wind Power Connected To The Grid

Ontario Canada Expected To Add 1.7 GW Of Wind Power By 2016

Country After County Is Adding To Their Installed Wind Power Base. Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator has predicted that 1.7 GW of additional wind power generation ... Continue Reading →