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Solar Wind Energy Tower

Solar Wind Energy Tower Inc. Is Moving Closer To Breaking Ground On Its Arizona Project

The first solar wind towers were up draft designs. You’d heat the air at ground level and up draft the air up a chimney past a wind turbine at the bottom of the chimney. Initial test results of this design was quite promising.

The down draft tower works quite differently. You spray water on the dry air at the top of the tower and it cools and sinks down the tower turning wind turbines at the bottom. A simple and effective design.

Solar Wind Energy’s Tower is unique in that it does not have any operational limitations in terms of time. It’s capable of operating around the clock, 24 hours per day, seven days per week in contrast to the operational limitations with solar collectors that work only when the sun shines and with wind turbines that work only when the wind blows. Boasting a small footprint compared to other wind or solar solutions and with a much lower capital cost per Megawatt, Solar Wind downdraft tower technology can truly impact the production of and investment in clean energy.

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