A Giant Wind Turbine That People Can Live On


This Is No Ordinary Wind Turbine There Are No Blades To Catch The Kinetic Energy From The Wind

Instead it is a big collector of charged particles. It looks like a science fiction star gate.

This Dutch windwheel is a giant wind turbine proposed for the city of Rotterdam which will be built with appartments and a hotel around the outside of the structure.

The technology was developed on a small scale by researchers at the Delft University of Technology two years ago. The fact that it’s unproven at larger sizes may make it difficult for the building to become a reality, though the university webpage does say that “The EWICON will be developed further if funding is secured for follow-up research.”

The rest of the Windwheel will consist of two rings, an inner ring with apartments, restaurants and a hotel, and an outer ring with a ride that sounds like an informational roller coaster. Tourists will be able to ride to the top of the structure and learn about the Netherland’s efforts to control the waterthat is constantly lapping at the borders of the country.

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