Ontario Canada Expected To Add 1.7 GW Of Wind Power By 2016

New Wind Power Connected To The Grid

Country After County Is Adding To Their Installed Wind Power Base.

Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator has predicted that 1.7 GW of additional wind power generation will be connected the the grid by fall 2016.

In addition the province’s first power storage project should be on line by September 2016 as well. This storage is designed to smooth out the irregularities in wind and solar power generation.

This article went on to say:

Over the outlook period, about 2,300 MW of new supply will be incorporated into the province’s existing generation fleet, which includes about 1,700 MW of wind energy, 10 MW of hydroelectric, 300 MW of gas, 240 MW of solar power, and 40 MW of biofuel resources. Additionally, the first storage project from the 2014 procurement of 34 MW of energy storage projects, which will help manage grid needs, as well as the variability of wind and solar generation, is expected to come into service before the end of this outlook period.

In addition to the planned projects, the Thunder Bay Generation Station G3 unit recently came back into service, fueled with advanced biomass, and will contribute 153 MW to provide continued reliability in northern Ontario.

“Ontario is in a solid position with adequate generation and transmission capability to meet consumers’ needs over the next 18 months,” say Kim Warren, IESO’s Vice-President of Market and System Operations. “The combination of conservation, time-of-use and renewable energy now play a significant role in reducing peak demand, which is quite a change from where we were five or six years ago.”

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