An honest wind turbine review

5 Years With The Wind Turbines A Veteran User’s Review

. Want to know some truths about smaller wind turbine setups? This is a rather long video but it is a 5 year review of the wind turbines he has been using and what he has learned over ... Continue Reading →
Archimedes Wind Turbinne

It’s A Silent Rooftop Turbine Which Could Produce Half Of Your Home’s Energy Needs

The Thing About These Archimedes Screw Turbines Is They Are So Mesmerizing To Watch. This type of turbines blade has solved the noise problem these small household turbines have been ... Continue Reading →
Which Wind Turbine Is Best For You

All About Wind Turbines For The Beginner DIY Wind Power Enthusiast

. Let’s Delve Into The World Of Wind Power, All The Components and All The Misconceptions The first video in this series is going to walk you through all the components of a wind ... Continue Reading →

Wind Energy Is Variable, But Is It Really

How Often Do You Drive By A Windmill And See It Sitting Idle? Quite often I would think. But that doesn’t mean the wind has stopped blowing everywhere. Wind energy is being up ... Continue Reading →
Eiffel Tower Wind Turbies

The Eiffel Tower Goes Green

Two Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Have Been Installed Inside The Eiffel Tower A high profile world landmark has embraced the idea of green energy. The US based onsite renewables specialist Urban ... Continue Reading →
The Bat world's first tethered wind turbine

They Call It The Bat – World’s First Airbourn Wind Turbine

. Capable of producing enough energy for a dozen houses. This helium filled balloon ring around a wind turbine can be launched in any location. Great for remote locations, emergency ... Continue Reading →
How to increase turbine efficiency

Increase The Power Output Of Your Wind Turbine

. A New Wind Energy Idea Is Proving Useful To Substantially Increase The Power Output Of Wind Turbines This new idea could be easily used on smaller wind turbines and is being tested ... Continue Reading →