All About Wind Turbines For The Beginner DIY Wind Power Enthusiast

Which Wind Turbine Is Best For You


Let’s Delve Into The World Of Wind Power, All The Components and All The Misconceptions

The first video in this series is going to walk you through all the components of a wind power system.

Starting with the different types and numbers of blades that are available.

Then you’ll learn about the turbine output. Do you want AC or DC and what that means with regards to the type and size of the wire you will need.

The there is the electronics, – rectifiers, batteries, charge controllers, dump loads, and inverters.

In future video in the series, you are going to see a commercially available wind turbine being assembled and set up.

In another video they will be discussing how to have solar panels in combination with your wind generator system.

Enjoy the journey – wind power is a great way to power your home.


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