An Energy Storage Solution You May Not Have Heard About

An innovative solar solution


What If A Company Would Supply Storage Batteries For Free And Guarantee A Reduction On Your Electricity Bill?

Sounds like they are crazy doesn’t it.

The thing you have to realize is that energy bills are based on peak monthly demand, reduce the peak and there are huge savings to be had and shared.

But There is more to the story than that.

The Solar+Storage Innovation You Didn’t Hear About – Renewable Energy World

The company doesn’t make or install batteries, nor does it make or install solar panels. What it does make is software to control the PV and batteries. Tumalow’s software uses historical electricity usage data from buildings to predict when the peak demand times will occur. By discharging the battery at the precise time to reduce peak demand, the company can save a facility half a million dollars each year in demand charges (a portion of a commercial or industrial customer’s monthly electric bill that is based on the fifteen minutes of highest demand in the month). Tumalow provides the battery free and splits the profits with the facility, so there’s no up-front cost to the customer, and immediate monthly savings.

But using the battery for fifteen minutes each month leaves a lot of down-time, during which the battery can be used for other purposes – and this hints at the rest of Tumalow’s business plan. A TakePart interview with founder Will Gathright yielded the following quote: “’It seems that a ton of smart people are making really amazing battery systems, but much less work is going into how to use the batteries after you make them,’ said Gathright. ‘If you’re clever on how you set it up, you have an amazing system, because you can control many distributed batteries as if they were one virtual power plant. We’re reducing demand charges for buildings, but it’s also a way to use the battery system to help the grid at large.’”

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