Graphene Is Enhancing The Performance Of New Solar Cells

. Graphene Is A Game Changer In Many Different Electrical Applications From energy storage , to solar cells, to flexible display screens and so much more. A material that is amazingly ... Continue Reading →
Tokyo Main Olympic Stadium

Tokyo Wants To Showcase Their Renewable Energy Transformation

. And The Summer Olympics Coming To Tokyo In 2020 Is The Perfect  Setting To Show The World Their Progress Tokyo uses a lot of electricity and they realize they could be using a lot ... Continue Reading →
california solar energy

If California Was A Country They’d Be #6 With The Most Solar Energy Capacity

. California Sets A record, And Has Surpassed The UK, France And Spain In Their Installed Solar Capacity In the first quarter of this California installed 718 megawatts of solar capacity, ... Continue Reading →
CO2 Production Stablized

New Report Confirms Last Years Report That Carbon Dioxide Production Has Stabilized

. We’ve Reached The Hump – The Total Yearly Carbon Dioxide Production Is No Longer Increasing That is great news since energy usage was up 1.5 % and the world is showing ... Continue Reading →
The Smart Palm

Solar Palm Trees Are Sprouting Up In Dubai

‘ Its A Stand Alone Multi Functional Power Source A country not known for it’s alternative energy projects may be starting to turn it’s eyes towards solar power. There ... Continue Reading →
ultra low head generator

Low Head Water Turbines

. The Turbines For Low Head Situations Are Quite Different From Their Higher Head Cousins These turbines are almost always classified as as micro power turbines There are several models ... Continue Reading →
The Wind Tree

The Wind Tree Generator

. This Is A Wind Turbine Generator For The Urban Environment Made up of dozens of small turbines which start spinning an the slightest breeze. If you want to see one in action, New ... Continue Reading →
Archimedes Screw Turbine

The Archimedes Wind Turbine – A Home Wind Power Delight

. It Is Just So Mesmerizing To Watch. This type of turbines blade has solved the noise problem these small household turbines have been known for. The Archimedes is a Dutch renewable ... Continue Reading →
optimize your solar system

Optimize The Output Of Your Solar System

. Do You Have A Specific Purpose Solar System That Puts Out More Power That Required? Why not add an solar generator to the system to capture that extra power. Then you can use that ... Continue Reading →