Waters Turbin Blade

The Water’s Effect Turbine – Simple And Efficient

. A Ridiculously Simple Wind Turbine That Is 5 to 20 Times More Efficient Than A 3 Bladed Wind Turbine Mike Water’s design is basically a squirrel cage arrangement set 90-degrees ... Continue Reading →

Another BioWave Energy Generation Unit Is Ready For Demonstration

. BioPower Systems (BPS), has completed the construction and onshore testing of a 250kW bioWAVE pilot demonstration unit. BPS is an Australian wave energy company and is prepping for ... Continue Reading →
prickly pear biofuel

Using Cactus As A Biofuel

. The Bad Thing For Biofuel Is That It Takes Precious Farmland Out Of Food Production A group of UK researchers have discovered that a group of arid country plants are actually good ... Continue Reading →
V3Solar cone solar generators

Rotating Cone Shaped Solar Collectors Are Putting Out A Lot More Power Than Their Flat Cousins

. They Clam Up To 20 Times More Power Output Than Flat Panels All right – this seems to be a fantastic claim, it appears that these guys are on to something here. They have come ... Continue Reading →
Silent Wings

What Do Owls Have That Wind Turbines Don’t?

. The Ability To Go Unnoticed Noise is a problem with wind turbines and scientists are studying owl wings to find a solution. Owls are probably the quietest birds in nature and it turns ... Continue Reading →
piston pumps for ocean energy

How To Convert Wave Motion Into Useful Energy

. It’s Not Always Obvious How They Do It – Here Are Some Of The Ways Here is an interesting video for you engineers out there. This technology uses a piston pump, pumping ... Continue Reading →
Where to mount a wind turbine

Where To Install A Wind Turbine

. There Are Good Places And Bad Places To Install A Wind Turbine – Discover The Difference Here is a great little video from Missouri Wind And Power explaining all about wind ... Continue Reading →
Micro Hydro From A Pond

Micro Hydro Feed From A Pond

. Got A Source Of Water And Need A Small Hydro Generator? – Check This Out It’s only 500 Watts but that’s a great little back up system if all else fails. It’s ... Continue Reading →
An innovative solar solution

An Energy Storage Solution You May Not Have Heard About

. What If A Company Would Supply Storage Batteries For Free And Guarantee A Reduction On Your Electricity Bill? Sounds like they are crazy doesn’t it. The thing you have to realize ... Continue Reading →