DIY Energy Device Can Power More Than Your Home

Shocking Energy Discovery


London Barber Is A Genius At Plasma Physics

This Is An Amazing Story – A man from Nigeria working as a barber in London listens to the trainings from the Keshe Institute starting a year and a half ago and he builds himself a plasma device that powers his home and sends excess energy back to the grid.

This is a device he made at his kitchen table, that can be made for under 10 dollars.

Not only that he made a similar device to power his car.

Dr. Keshe calls him a genius – smarter than Tesla or Einstein.

Now his knowledge is available to anyone in the world.

At The 68Th Knowledge Seekers Workshop The Keshe Foundation released this knowledge to the world.

You can build one of these devices at your kitchen table too.


This Video Shows You How To Do It


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