Net Zero Energy Commercial Buildings

net zero commercial building


Commercial Building Goes Net Zero

The heating and cooling system is fully electric; it’s ageoexchange or ground source heat pump system. They turned their parking lot on the north side of the building into a geothermal field with 32 boreholes going 70 meters deep.

With all of the south-facing glass and concrete floors, the building actually has a much larger cooling load than you would imagine for an office building in Edmonton. The building actually has to run its cooling system in February when it’s minus 10 outside if the sun is shining brightly.

Unusually for a commercial building, the windows can be opened. These help regulate the temperature in the summer and gives workers a measure of control over their environment. As Skopac noted when he was giving us the tour, fresh air is good for humans.


Mosaic Center

Take The Tour Of This Building During Construction With The Owners And Architect


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