Plasma Energy Device Released To The World

plasma power released to the world


Keshe Foundation Goes To Market With Their Free Energy Unit

The first step they took was to hold a world ambassador’s meeting in Rome Oct 16 where they gave each ambassador a unit along with the plans and specs so their country could manufacture these units for their citizens.

On Oct 26 the factories in Italy and Indonesia will start shipping out units to people who have order them. China and the Us will not be far behind . In Italy the goal is to be producing a million units a month in December.

Oct 26 is also the day the plans and specs will become available to the public. These devices are not that complicated and could be made by anyone with some DIY skills. This is open source technology – All the patents have been released to the public.

Most people in the world don’t have a clue what just happened. This discovery is on a par with man starting to use fire or the discovery of the wheel.

In the coming months and years there will be millions of products developed that will utilize this new energy source.

Oil, coal, nuclear, even wind and solar will become things of the past.

In addition plasma energy has huge potential in agriculture, food, medicine, and the transportation industries.

Watch this video clip from the ambassador’s meeting as Mr. Keshe describes what these energy units will do for the world.





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