Use Flowing Water To Produce Compressed Air And Pump Water

The trompe hammer or trompe ram


Mr Teslonian calls this a Trompe Hammer or Trompe Ram

This invention is designed to compress air to a high pressure as well as pump water better than your average ram water pump.

Just like an ordinary ram pump all as you need is a source of flowing water that will give you an input head of water.

This device could be an alternative to mini hydro systems in use today as it stores energy  in the form of compressed air and water in an elevated tank to be converted back to energy later.

The air could be used to power a Tesla turbine for example.


Watch the video to discover more of the details.


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  1. Jack Titchener

    Jul 27. 2017

    I didn’t know you could convert energy from compressed gas and water! My brother is a mechanical engineer and has been telling me about these new pumps that will create and store raw energy from renewable resources and I just had to see for myself. Thank you so much for the technology information!

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