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Ikeo Helping People Affected By Climate Change


The Swedish Giant Store Chain Ikea Vows To Help Populations Affected By Climate Change

Ikea just committed 1.1 Billion dollars to help populations that are being affected by climate change.

I think this is a company that is way ahead of the corporate energy curve.

And I applaud them for their social conscience.

They are a company that gets most of it’s own energy from wind turbines and solar panels.

It started selling solar panels in it’s stores in the UK and is now rolling that product out to 8 more countries.

IKEA Group, the Swedish-headquartered retailer of affordable furnishings, first began selling solar panels in its 18 U.K. stores last year having experienced encouraging success at its pilot scheme in the English county of Essex.

For the past 12 months, British IKEA-goers have been able to purchase Hanergy’s thin film solar PV panels for approximately $8,000 for 18 panels – an outlay that pays for itself after seven years based on the current U.K. feed-in tariff (FIT).

Such has been the success in the U.K. that IKEA will now widen this offering to eight other countries, including Switzerland and the Netherlands. The remaining six countries have not yet been named.

For More details on the solar roll out read this article

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