Another Tidal Turbine Nearing Completion

Sabella D10

This One Is In France In The Port Of Brest

Sabella’s D10 Tidal Turbine is nearing the final stages of its assembly which started back in January.

It is scheduled to be installed in June off Ushant island.

This unit follows upon the success of the smaller D3 (3 M turbine) unit that was tested.

This is Frances first entry into the tidal energy arena.

Sabbella D 10 assembly

Image Source – Sabella

The turbine’s power capacity is rated up to 1 MW.

The base of Sabella’s D10 tidal device is 20 by 20 meters in size. It is 17 m high, and weighs 450 tons. The turbine for the device is 10 m in diameter.

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