Biochar The Green Miracle 101


Biochar Seams To Be A Secret Soil Ingredient That Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years

Can you take infertile dirt and turn it quickly into fertile soil that remains fertile for years?

The answer appears to be YES.

And we are just rediscovering a technique that has been use for thousands of years to do just that.

Biochar when mixed with soil has the ability to trap nutrients and provide a home for the thousands of microbes and organisms that make soil fertile.

There is a growing movement around the world to put biochar back into our soil.


And here’s the other half to this great green story.

Organic material that decays naturally on the surface puts CO2 and methane back into the atmosphere. Biochar is the carbon that was in the plants it was made from and when mixed with soil that carbon which the plant life pulled from the air now remains in the soil for hundreds of years in it’s charcoal form.

In this video you’ll see how a commercial operation is making and distributing biochar.

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Here Is How You Can Make Your Own Biochar


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