How The Tesla Turbine Works

The Tesla Turbine Explained


Near The End Of His Life Nikola Tesla Was Asked What His Greatest Invention Was And He Chose His Turbine.

So what is this Tesla turbine and how does it work?

It is different from anything else you might think of as a turbine because it uses the boundary layer effect of air to transmit the power to the spinning discs.


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  1. Jimbus

    Jul 18. 2015

    But what is your air source? An electric air pump? Suddenly this seems like a perpetual energy machine. Using electricity to generate electricity will always be at a loss. It has to be.

    Electrical Generation is a shared efficiency in this equation at about 98-99%, so the variables are the efficiency of creating air pressure from a fuel source such as coal or natural gas to create air pressure and this device’s efficiency of converting air pressure into rotational energy. So essentially this become analogous to the steam turbine which a quick Google shows is from 65% to over 90% for a large, multistage turbine or 40% all 3 variables combined (Carnot’s law). Tesla’s turbine is 97% efficient, so if you can beat around 45% in converting fuel to air pressure, you have a winner.

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