How To Feed Yourself With Plasma Energy

Plasma Energy Food


Food Energy And Plasma Energy Are One And The Same And Are Interchangeable

Those who understand plasma energy realize that hunger in the world should no longer exist.

Whether you want to feed the poor, the homeless, starving populations, travel in deep space or simply reduce your grocery bills – it is now possible.

Plasma energy can replace food energy in your body.

This video is a clip is from the Plasma Reactor Group where Jacky tells his story about about his use of plasma energy for food.

Jacky has found it easier physiologically to use various gans waters (a form of plasma energy ) instead of the plasma energy fields from his reactors of his health system.

Watch and see how it’s done.



There are many plasma energy products available – check them out here.


Jacky has since found a new way to make his plasma energy breakfast.

Check out his magic bucket of plasma energy in the next video.

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