How To Make Continually Charging Batteries With Plasma Technology

How to make contiuously rechargeable batteries


Ever Wish You Didn’t Have To Replace Batteries So Often?

Here is a real neat trick using the new plasma energy technology.

Basically you are making a nano coated copper coil around your batteries using copper foil tape.

You can buy sheets of adhesive backed copper foil like that being used in the video or stained glass suppliers sell rolls of narrow copper tape in varying widths that would work great for this purpose.

The trick to taping into the plasma energy all around us is to nano coat the copper foil. It’s actually quite easy to do. You use caustic soda on the copper and put the battery in a plastic bag to keep it moist with the caustic soda (not submerged) until the copper turns black.

That black coating is the nano coating – think of it as an antenna for attracting plasma energy.

Here is how it is done.






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