Mini Hydro – The Holden Hydro Generator

Holden Hydro Turbine

The Holden Hydro Generator Is A Low Cost Per Watt Turbine System

Joe Holden a renowned inventor built his 100 KW Holden power generator to take advantage of all three modes of turbine power generation.

The results is a turbine that has a high efficiency  and can produce water at a low cost.


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3 Responses to “Mini Hydro – The Holden Hydro Generator”

  1. Planet CPR

    Aug 12. 2015

    The Holden Turbine is NOT available and will NOT be manufactured.

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    Aug 29. 2017

    I would like to know if there is a training program Re: designing and installation of Holden Hydro power turbine.
    Hoping for your positive response.
    More power and God bless.

    Lito Palomares

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