Plasma Basics – How To Nano Coat Copper

How To Nano Coat Copper


Nano Coating Is One Of The First Skills You Have To Learn When Experimenting With Plasma Energy

The reason is that a nano coated layer on any material acts as a super conductor for plasma energy fields.

Ordinary copper with it’s tightly packed atoms is a great conductor for electricity – the electrons in the electric current can bounce from atom to atom and flow quickly through the copper.

Plasma energy can’t flow easily through these tightly packed atoms, but a copper nano coating layer on the solid copper is like a supper highway for plasma fields (magnetical and gravitational fields).

The nano layer on copper is a layer where the space between the atoms are opened up – think about a popcorn kernel popping.

There are several ways to do this, but in this video Armen will show you how to do nano coating with caustic soda or lye (NaOH).




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