Sea Gen Technology – Is It Too Expensive?

Sea Gen


Marine Current Turbines MCT Has Been Sold To Atlantis Resources

MCT a Siemens owed company was sold along with seabed rights, existing projects, staff and intellectual property included.

The Sea Gen was one of the first commercially operated tidal energy generators. A show piece for tidal energy.

But it was expensive and needed a very specific set of environmental criteria where it employed.

That is probably why no other units are under construction today.

SeaGen S 1.2 MW system is capable of delivering up to 20 MW/h of electricity per day.

In 2008, the installation and commissioning of SeaGen S 1.2 MW turbine was completed at Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.

The turbines have a patented feature that allows the rotor blades to be pitched through 180 degrees, resulting in optimized energy capture and operation in bi-directional flows.

The SeaGen S system consists of twin turbines mounted on a crossbeam. The rotor diameter of each turbine is 16 m.





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