Super Capacitors Provide Green Energy Storage

Sunvault super capacitor energy storage


Sunvault Energy Has A Graphene Super Capacitor Energy Storage Solution

To enhance it’s efforts to penetrate the deregulated power markets, last month Sunvault announced the signing of a binding letter of intent with Edison Power Company out of Delaware to retail power within deregulated power markets.

The first market to see the roll out of their product will be the province of Alberta in Canada with more markets that have time oy use pricing to follow.

Gary Monaghan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunvault Energy said

“The Edison name resonates well with consumers across North America

“Introducing Edison Power to the Alberta community will begin the process of introducing our Graphene Supercapacitor Power Storage Technology into the area of Grid stabilization as well as establishing the Edison Power Company brand to the Alberta consumer.”

Sunvault has developed a yard mounted solar appliance which combines sun tracking solar panels and it’s super capacitor storage. This will alleviate all the concern with roof mounted solar panels and provide a quick easy installation for gathering green energy.  They also predict that theic capacitor storage will be a third the cost of batteries. And capacitor have a huge advantage over batteries with their longer service life.

“The Company believes its Solar appliance device plans far surpasses the “roof full of solar panel approach” for ease of entry and removes the barrier to entry that potentially resides in most consumers’ minds; because of the construction project approach they currently face for deployed solar.

The ability to fast charge devices with pseudo/Supercapacitor units versus a slower energy charge and release of lithium Ion batteries will impact the smart phone, electric car, power grid stabilization and home off the grid markets. In layman terms – A smart phone that will be charged in under a minute and an electric car can both be powered by the graphene pseudo/supercapacitor that can fast charge more rapidly than any battery and effectively last a life time, will significantly change the landscape of the future.

In every decade there is some breakthrough technology that will significantly impact the world and its future, Sunvault believes for “this decade that breakthrough is graphene and all of its potential uses”.

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