The Real Secrets To A Super Efficient Passive Solar House


If Energy Efficiency Is What We Need To Survive – What Do We Need In The Built Environment To Thrive

While energy efficiency is a critical component of sustainability, its application must be guided by principles of health and beauty. This talk introduces the emerging design field of biophilia, the inherent human-nature connection, and show examples of building designs that embody both ultra-efficiency and biophilic design.

This concept is about our connection to nature, our health and our emotional well being. Here are some of the points to consider in biomorphic design.

  1. The visual connection to nature.

  2. Natural materials and biomorphic forms.

  3. Complexity and order , nonrhythmic sensory stimulus.

  4.  Prospect and refuge, mystery and risk.

Other things to consider are.

  1. fresh air

  2. lighting fixtures

  3. The spacial layout inside a building

Can we do a better job with our housing in the next century? Watch this video and find out how!




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