The Solar Cooking Challenge

Solar Cooking

3 Minute Italian Eggs Cooked With a Parabolic Solar Mirror

Here is a great way to get a hot meal while out camping or in an emergency no power situation.

Not all parabolic cooking mirrors are created equal. One of the things you have to look out for is the focal length of the mirror. The mirror in the video has a short focal length so the mirror can be supported right under the frying pan close to the ground. Of course the other consideration is the size of the mirror. The 24″ one in the video is great for a 4″ frying pan and will even work well with a 6″ pan. If you go smaller – say a 13″ to 18″ parabolic mirror will also work with the 4″ pan but it will take longer to cook your meal.

Watch the video to see how Denis sets up her solar kitchen.

If you missed the video on solar cooking a Thanksgiving dinner – Here Is The Link.

May your green energy meals be cooked to perfection!


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