The Mass Ratio – Is It A Science Revolution?

A Science Revolution


This Discovery By Nassim Haramein May Be Just That

The discovery has everything to do with spinning object and let’s face it the universe is full of spinning objects.

The math behind spinning objects and torque has opened our eyes to new ways to look at the world and new ways to tap into the energy of the universe.

New ways to look at gravity and magnetism – the realm of plasma physics.

 Not the plasma physics that is carried out in that billion dollar research lab, but the kind of plasma physics you can do at home at your kitchen table.

If a guy from Nigeria cutting hair for a living in London can build a small plasma physics device to power his home , his car and feed power back into the grid, I’d say this kind of math and science qualifies as a revolution.


Watch this simple video that introduces you to this science revolution


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