plasma power released to the world

Plasma Energy Device Released To The World

. Keshe Foundation Goes To Market With Their Free Energy Unit The first step they took was to hold a world ambassador’s meeting in Rome Oct 16 where they gave each ambassador ... Continue Reading →
how to get clean water

How To Clean Contaminated Water Using What You’ve Learned From Plasma Technology

. A Life Saver In A True Emergency Situation Clean drinking water is essential in emergency situations. The more ways you know to get clean water the better your chances of survival ... Continue Reading →
plasma energy being released to the world

Plasma Energy Being Released To The World

‘ The World Just Changed On October 16 in Rome the ambassadors of the world have been called to a meeting where they will be given a free plasma energy unit and all the plans ... Continue Reading →
Plasma the 4th state of matter

Plasma The Most Common Thing In The Universe

. We All Think We Know What This 4th State Of Matter Is – But Do We? You see over a hundred years ago scientists pretty much abandoned the area of energy fields and the ether ... Continue Reading →
community solar

Community Solar Makes Sense

‘ Let’s Face It – Not Everyone Has A South Facing Roof Or A Big Yard And then there is the issue of maintaining your solar system. Who’s going to do that. Yet ... Continue Reading →
wind power output

Batteries, Wind Turbines And The Grid

. There Has Been A Lot Of Stuff In he News Lately About Battery Storage – And For Good Reason We’ll use wind energy as an example. When the wind blows a windmill produces ... Continue Reading →
gravity light

Gravity Light

. Here Is An Innovative Idea – Use Gravity To Power A Light How do you power an inexpensive light to be used in third world countries? These designers came up with the innovative ... Continue Reading →
Ecocapsule retreat

Off Grid Retreat Made Easy

. Want Your Own Off Grid Escape Module? The Ecocapsule was designed by Bratistlava based Nice Architects. The idea was to let anyone live off grid for up to one year. As you see in ... Continue Reading →
A Science Revolution

The Mass Ratio – Is It A Science Revolution?

. This Discovery By Nassim Haramein May Be Just That The discovery has everything to do with spinning object and let’s face it the universe is full of spinning objects. The math ... Continue Reading →