infinity plasma reactor build

How To Build Your Own Plasma Energy Generator

. Did You Know It Takes Less Than Eight Hours To Build A Plasma Energy Generator? There are 3 different designs that I know of right now that work. The first one is the stacker unit ... Continue Reading →
hom to give plasma purpose

Some Insights On How To Give Plasma Energy Purpose

. When you build your plasma devices, do you give your plasma purpose? We are talking about the little things, like how you make your connections or do you put a loop at the end of ... Continue Reading →
How To Position Star Ship Reuactors

How To Position Your Plasma Reactors In A Star Ship Formation

. Do You Know How Far Apart They Should Be? This little video teaching from Mike Nashif will give you a pretty good rule of thumb for you initial reactor setup. There are other factors ... Continue Reading →
Magic Plasma food bucket

The Magic Plasma Energy Food Bucket

. This Is A Source Of Energy That Can Be Used Over And Over Again The neat thing about gans and gans water in a container is that it produces plasma energy fields that extend beyond ... Continue Reading →
Plasma Energy Food

How To Feed Yourself With Plasma Energy

. Food Energy And Plasma Energy Are One And The Same And Are Interchangeable Those who understand plasma energy realize that hunger in the world should no longer exist. Whether you ... Continue Reading →
Vision Problems Resolved

Can You See Perfectly? This Solution Is For The Rest Of Us

. There Are A Lot Of Eye Problems – Many Can Be Resolved I know I want to get my hands on this supplement to see if it can help with my retinal damage and Glaucoma. It’s ... Continue Reading →
Resolve Eye Problems With Plasma Energy

What If You Could Solve Your Eye Problems?

Were You Told There Was No Cure – Just Use These Eye Drops The Rest Of Your Life? Hundreds of people are told that every day – I know I was. Have you heard of plasma energy? Not ... Continue Reading →
anti viral soap

How To Make Extreemly Effective Antiviral Soap

No Harmful Chemicals – Perfectly Safe – Anti viral / Antibacterial Soaps You Can Make The plasma research team in Ghana has been making soap and then adding some Gans waters ... Continue Reading →
How to make contiuously rechargeable batteries

How To Make Continually Charging Batteries With Plasma Technology

. Ever Wish You Didn’t Have To Replace Batteries So Often? Here is a real neat trick using the new plasma energy technology. Basically you are making a nano coated copper coil ... Continue Reading →