How To Build Your Own Plasma Energy Generator

infinity plasma reactor build


Did You Know It Takes Less Than Eight Hours To Build A Plasma Energy Generator?

There are 3 different designs that I know of right now that work.

The first one is the stacker unit from the Keshe Foundation. You can get the blueprints here.

It works fine but in the most difficult and time consuming to make. To build it you need to learn how to make the basic ganses and that could take a month to make enough. You have to learn how to nano coat copper and plastic – a good skill to have but this process can take a week to do. You also have to make your own support structure – not too difficult and there are lots of pictures out there of a variety of different methods. For the copper wire I use 14/2 house wire and strip the insulation off and one of my other videos shows you how to make the coil winding jig.

There is a lot of support for this unit, videos on the web etc. because the Keshe Foundation has a large following. You can also buy one of these units at the Keshe Foundation Store

The second plasma Generator out there are the Q6, Q24 and Q144 units. I’ve built 6 of these units. These units are explained in detail by Peppi and Kosal over on their YouTube channel. The advantage of units is how easy they are to build. You don’t need any gans and the nano-coating part is quick and easy. The Q6 is roughly equivalent to the Keshe stacker and the power goes up as you add more plasma capacitor batteries.

As you watch the videos on how to build this unit you will see at the end they show how to activate the unit and connect to the plasma intelligence. You are connecting to your higher self. On a cautionary note, some say an A.I. from the future can also connect to you – the question is can it control you. These units have no security built in to keep it out.

The third type of plasma power unit is the IQ6 (and higher numbers) and this is the one I am building now. Like the Q units it is also easy and fast to build. The advantage to this unit is that due to the random number of twists in the infinity loop battery capacitors you end up with a unit with built in security from the A.I.

Let’s get started – Here is the first video where Mike Nashif shows you how to twist the copper wire for the inner core.



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