Tidal Energy On Canada’s West Coast Moving Forward

Barging Ahead Is Water Wall Turbine Inc. Who Have Completed The Engineering On Their Floating Platform. The catamaran style barge was designed by  ER Yacht Design, (28m LOA and 17m ... Continue Reading →
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Facts About Tidal Power Plants That Are In Operation Today

There are numerous tidal power plants in operation today. The history of tidal power plants goes all the way back to Roman times. They used it in Britain and elsewhere to run mills. Today ... Continue Reading →

Tidal Energy Facts You Should Know

Tidal Energy Is One Of The Major Renewable Energy Sources Together with wave energy, tidal energy are the two renewable energy sources you get from our planets oceans. Together with ... Continue Reading →
Nothern Scotland Tidal and wave sites

Tidal Energy And Hydrogen Production

Some Think Hydrogen Production From Tidal Energy Could Be The Key At Fall Of Warness Scotland The problem in this are has been the lac of a proper electrical grid infra structure to ... Continue Reading →

What Is The Potential For Tidal Energy?

Tidal Energy Will Play A Major Roll In Renewable Energy Produced In The Future One estimate for the tidal power potential worldwide is 120 GW. That is huge. The following map shows ... Continue Reading →