Tidal Energy And Hydrogen Production

Nothern Scotland Tidal and wave sites

Some Think Hydrogen Production From Tidal Energy Could Be The Key At Fall Of Warness Scotland

The problem in this are has been the lac of a proper electrical grid infra structure to tie into.

“We expect to have this installed and working within the next year. People are doing this all around the world already in some respects, but nobody is doing it from tidal energy, and nobody faces the same grid constraints as we face here in Orkney. This is the big opportunity and will help us break out of the corner we find ourselves in due to the inadequacies in the grid”.

The interview is available to listen to on Radio Orkney’s SoundCloud – Around Orkney Friday 13th February – and begins 6:20 into the programme.

Skip ahead to the 6:20 mark for this tidal news interview from Feb 13


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