Tidal Energy Facts You Should Know

Tidal Energy Is One Of The Major Renewable Energy Sources

Together with wave energy, tidal energy are the two renewable energy sources you get from our planets oceans. Together with the many ocean tide locations that can be tapped there are also many river currents that can also provide abundant energy.

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Tidal Energy Facts

  • Tidal Energy is the oldest form of renewable energy, which was used in the water mills by the Romans when they occupied England. It was later used for the same purpose, give power to the mills, along the shores of Spain, France and Britain.
  • Tidal energy is clean renewable green energy and does not use any fossil fuels, thus has zero CO2 emissions and zero impact to the environment.
  • Tidal movement occurs twice a day by the gravitational effect of the moon.
  • Tidal power is used mostly for the production of Electricity.
  • Tidal Energy can be captured by either exploiting the kinetic energy or the potential energy of the tides. It all depends on the technology and the location used.
  • Potential Energy exploitation in the case of Tidal Energy has 80% efficiency which is considered to be high compared to other forms of renewable green energy sources.
  • There are currently 3 types of technologies which can be used to capture the power of tides. These technologies are known as Tidal Technologies. These technologies are:
      • Tidal Stream Generator
      • Tidal Barrage
      • Dynamic Tidal Power
  • The technology required and used to convert the power of tides into electricity is similar, and in some cases the same, as the technology used in dams and other hydroelectric installations.

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