The Real Secrets To A Super Efficient Passive Solar House

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Renovate Your Way To A Net Zero Home

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Solar Cooking

The Solar Cooking Challenge

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How To Energize Your Plasma Energy Generators

Plasma Energy Project Tip – Energize Your PVC Pipe Frames

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Faraday Cage For Your Smart Meter

How To Cover Your Smart Meter To Reduce Radiation

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The Truth About Smart Meters

The Real Truth About Smart Meters

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How To Nano Coat Copper

Plasma Basics – How To Nano Coat Copper

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Different Kinds Of Gans

Plasma Basics – Producing Larger Quantities Of Gans

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IQ6 plasma energy generator

My First IQ6 Plasma Power Generator Built

. The IQ6 Plasma Devise Is My Current Plasma Reactor Of Choice In this video I was showing the people on Rick Crammon’s Plasma Reactor Group meeting the first IQ6 that I built. It ... Continue Reading →